Why Apptuit

The shift to micro-services architecture and containerization is causing explosion of telemetry data and deployment complexity. While Agile development and continuous delivery means the environment is constantly changing. Teams adopting these newer paradigms find traditional monitoring solutions inadequate.

Apptuit is a complete rethink on metrics monitoring, built on the foundation of large-scale machine learning and data analytics. It is purpose built to empower devOps, ITOps, SRE teams deliver high quality cloud services.

Automated anomaly detection

Our AI Analytics platform learns the normal behavior for your metrics and can identify anomalies with unprecedented level of accuracy.

Seasonality Learning

The AI algorithms learn seasonality of each metric to create a baseline behavior without having to manually setup/define the normal behavior for each metric.

Data Correlation

Crunches millions of data points from thousands of metrics to learn correlation between metrics and generates actionable insights

Outlier detection

Automatically detects and reports outliers in thousands of time series.

Let Apptuit shine a light on your data blackhole; discover incidents before they turn into crises.

Query anything

Powerful query language designed specifically to introspect and analyze any time-series data. Blaze through millions of data points in seconds.

Visualize everything!

Rich visualization toolkit to visualize any query results. Create real-time interactive dashboards and share with others to collaborate.

Cloud Native

Always on

Maintenance-free analytics-as-a-service, so you can focus on your business.

Big data

Store billions of data points and analyze them in hi-res, instead of saving down sampled data

Real-time performance

Auto-scales so you can blaze through millions of data points per second


Pay for what you use; monthly billing based on how much new data you collect, how much you crunch. No upfront costs.


Rapid digitization of industries is resulting in vast amounts of data. Yet, many companies are harnessing only a fraction of the value hidden in all this data. Apptuit turns raw data into actionable insights, giving you the competitive edge to stand out in your industry.

Industrial IoT

Let Apptuit process streaming-data from all your devices to create an automated analytics model for monitoring, diagnostics, predictions, and control, so you can focus on building devices that change the world.
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Mash up enormous amounts of data about your infrastructure, customer interactions and revenue, all in one place, to understand customer behaviors and generate actionable forecasts. Remove data silos, improve customer loyalty and grow market share.
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Store and process all transaction data in original resolution, without being limited to aggregate or down-sampled versions. Get real-time alerts, when there are any anomalies in transaction rate by device, transaction type or partner.
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E-commerce/Web business

Monitor all customer events and gain deep insights that let you increase customer retention and lifetime value. Use the powerful query and visualization engine to visualize your KPIs in real-time.
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Travel & Hospitality

Digitization of all customer interactions is resulting in massive amounts of data. Leverage machine learning algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights that maximize occupancy, improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.
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Hosting & Application Management

Process billions of data points realted to infrastructure metrics, OS metrics, application metrics and usage analytics to automatically monitor anomalies, predict failures and identify root causes at astonishing speed.
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Apptuit in action.

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Apptuit is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics platform that can crunch millions of data points and turn them in actionable insights.